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Picture Time!

So here are some pictures of a project I did for my photo class. Please excuse the quality I'm only used to taking photos of myself in the mirror and of attractive women in public transportation when they're not looking. I really didn't go for any deeper meaning other than I wanted to create these post apocalyptic scenes (yeah I know original) about dudes with masks.

Ass or Gas No One Rides for Free
Ass or Gas

Axeing the Wrong Questions Mang
Axeing the Wrong Questions

Can, Can, Can. Can You?
Can, Can, Can

All Images on this page Copyright Carlos Ruiz- Images are not to be used without permission. 


Errrr.....Collapse )http://paradigm2000.tripod.com/ See if you can make more sense of this.


So Excited I Just Can't Hide It

So it turns out that mental disorders can actually give you super powers. Well at least according  to Wikipedia: 

Symptoms Of Excited Delirium

Those signs/symptoms typically associated with excited delirium are:[citation needed]

Excited Delirium.org goes on to say that:

Fact:  ED victims exhibit superhuman strength and are impervious to pain.
- Restraint positions and use of electronic control devices (TASER®) to override the CNS.

Damn I gots to get me some those Excited Delirium's ®, apparently they turn you into the Hulk on peyote

"Hulk no like wavy colors, they make Hulk gonna puke"

Ride the Snake?Collapse )


But then again I guess I could cry anytime if I want to. I mean no one's really going to stop me, unless they dyhydrate me and even then I think I could still sob.  So it's my birfday (that's how you spell birthday in internet) and I while I guess I could tell eveyone what's it's like to be a year older I think I'll just take the lazy mans way out and post a picture I found online that more or less represents today.

All original content Copyright 2001-2009 Anthony Clark (I put like you said man, now put down the gun)

It's stolen errr, I mean borrowed  from nedroid.com, I suggest you give
him a visit and possibly a big smooch on the lips, then tell him we're
coming for him. He'll know what you mean.

With a Rebel Yell, She Said More! More! More!Collapse )


History of Soy Milk

Here's something I wrote a little while ago in the cracked forums. I don't know why I felt I needed to write so much, but I did and I thought it was worth re posting if for any reason  for it's ridiculousness:

The name soy milk is an error, actually it should be called soy secretions. A common misconception is that soy milk comes from soy beans but it actually comes from the giant Soy spider (Soya Magnitudia) from the Soy islands in the South Pacific. Want to Learn More?Collapse )



Valentines Day without a valentine is like a Christmas where Santa Claus just wants to be friends....


Tomorrows Yesterday

I had sold my ass prematurely and I was about to pay the piper in full. I tried not to shiver as I walked towards the double super duper lead lined ultra doors (my words not the scientists). They looked liked something from from a science fiction movie, large, imposing, gray, they even had those weird yellow and black stripes across the split in the middle. The doors opened horizontally and I was half expecting white smoke to emanate from a darkened room, but it didn't. Instead the doors revealed a relatively normal looking chair in a room well lit by florescent lights. There was a small web cam in the ceiling and an intercom next to it. Besides the random wires were passing through from one wall to another the room was bare. All in all it didn't look like a messy mad scientists lair, more like a poorly put together entertainment system room. I took off the robe. Now naked there was nothing to stop the shivering. I walked slowly towards the chair and sat down. The doors closed and the web cam swiveled and stared at me. A voice came on through the intercom.

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Moth in the Fire

A fire distant and bright illuminates the desert. The hardened desert dirt gradually changes from black to blue to red to orange as I get closer to the blaze. Cacti reflect shadows much bigger than themselves and the wind blows harshly sending tumble weeds rolling in grotesque dance. As I approach a sweet bitter acidic smell hits my nostrils. All at once it's familiar and alien, I can't wait for it to end and I never want it to end. The smell of something from the past that you can't properly place.
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What Dreams May Come?

Have you ever woken up with an overwhelming sense of loneliness and heart ache? A feeling that goes through your whole body leaving you numb, uncaring, and with a certain disdain for the world. Well did have this morning. Why? Well let me tell you why. Want to Know More?Collapse )


Voice of a Nation

I think it was Thomas Hobbes that said:

"Real heroes don't die, they just reload."

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