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What Dreams May Come?

Have you ever woken up with an overwhelming sense of loneliness and heart ache? A feeling that goes through your whole body leaving you numb, uncaring, and with a certain disdain for the world. Well did have this morning. Why? Well let me tell you why. Last night while I slept I couldn't stop having dreams about puppies, well I did have that one dream where I fucked Scarlett Jo- hmmm, the puppies were watching though so I guess you can count it as a puppy dream...

                                            He approves

Any who, the point is I had puppy dreams, puppy dreams are the worst kind of dreams ever! Worst than that cliché dream about showing up naked to a school test you didn't study for, or that dream where something big and monstrous is hiding behind the shadows and ponces on you as soon as you turn your back, even worst that dream where all your loved ones die and then you wake up to find their mangled bodies all around you and their blood on your hands.

Uh-oh, looks like an episode of CSI's about to start

Do you know why they're worse? Because when you wake up from a puppy dream, unless you happen to have a puppy lying around (in which case I hate you and hope you die) your in for a major disappointment. Even after realizing that there are no puppies waiting for you in the land of the waking and you try to go back to sleep; you just can't go back to those puppies. You can never go back to old dreams! Ever! I know I tried before with a dream I had about a certain late 90's MTV cartoon character (why do you forsaken me so, Daria?). Try as I might by watching episodes before I went to bed, or looking at pictures that might come back to haunt me in court, I couldn't control what I dreamt about.


Why? I don't fucking know why? All I know is that because there's no little puppy running around chewing on stuff, or shitting all over the carpet, or pissing up a storm, or barking at stupid things and making me laugh I'm now bitter with bitter rage. All I want is the world to share my puppy-less pain. That I may bring about a hell storm of furry cute wet nosed death to the masses. 


But I really don't think I can afford a pupocalypse right now (I mean who can, the way the economy is). So if you excuse me I have to go to mall and pretend I'm going to buy a puppy from the pet store so I can play with them.

Sigh again...




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