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So Excited I Just Can't Hide It

So it turns out that mental disorders can actually give you super powers. Well at least according  to Wikipedia: 

Symptoms Of Excited Delirium

Those signs/symptoms typically associated with excited delirium are:[citation needed]

Excited Delirium.org goes on to say that:

Fact:  ED victims exhibit superhuman strength and are impervious to pain.
- Restraint positions and use of electronic control devices (TASER®) to override the CNS.

Damn I gots to get me some those Excited Delirium's ®, apparently they turn you into the Hulk on peyote

"Hulk no like wavy colors, they make Hulk gonna puke"

So how do I get my hands on this disorder and wreck havoc across the American Southwest? Cocaine, mountains of it, like Studio 54 back in the 70's or failing that large amounts of amphetamine or PCP hell any stimulant drug seems to do it... Hmmm, wait a minute I already knew that paranoia, hallucinations, incoherent speech or shouting, super human like strength and hyperthermia are a side effect of stimulant drug use so why not call E.D. crazy junkie disorder? Well because you don't really need to take drugs to get it, some people (just like the Xmen) are born with this condition. So what's the catch? See the fact that people go batshit craze usually leads to a confrontation with the po-po's (cops or police to whitey) and as these things usually go these people get  TASERED® or restrained. The difference here is that they kinda die and this has caused a big controversy (silly I know, people die every day get over it) over whether or not excited delirium is actually a medical condition or a made up word used by cops to cover up brutality.
Police brutality

There's two sides to this, on hand there are doctors and sciency types say that there are studies that prove sumtang aint right wit dez here people. One doctor interviewed by NPR described it as an "adrenaline overdose" that leads to the body to overheat to the point of organ failure (or spontaneous combustion).  Another side says this it's just pig lies to excuse TASER® fatalities and in fact TASER®s may actually be the cause of this. 

So who's right? Well don't fucking ask me I'm not a doctor or anything. It does seem though that in some cases the person in question did in fact have it coming (the condition not the death), they were overweight, on drugs, and/or obviously stressed. That's usually a bad combo anytime. Does that mean that all cases are justified? No, I'm sure that sometimes the cops may have overreacted, used excessive force or been negligent. Shit like that happens all the time, police are humans first and foremost (doesn't five them a right to touch my testicles...Long story) and mistakes are made. The important thing though is that it isn't swept under the rug or just excused because the victim may have had a disorder leaving the officer inculpable. There is a theory that while E.D.  cases vary from each other (some were under the influence of drugs, others weren't, ect.) all of the deaths involved  restraints (it's a pdf file :D pg.5). Now then again this probably because the party in question was acting crazy as all fuck.

 Can something be done about these deaths? Well maybe I dunno, but here's something that both sides of the issue should look at, Policeone.com offers a list of 10 training tips that can help officers with E.D. The first is I think the most important:
  1. Coordinate in advance with EMS. "ED is a medical emergency that presents itself as a law enforcement problem." Police and medical communities should strive to develop a coordinated approach for dealing with these incidents, with everyone involved understanding "what ED is and what their roles are"
    when dealing with an episode.
Which is exactly what this guy said and I couldn't agree more. That way you can avoid situations like these.




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