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Tomorrows Yesterday

I had sold my ass prematurely and I was about to pay the piper in full. I tried not to shiver as I walked towards the double super duper lead lined ultra doors (my words not the scientists). They looked liked something from from a science fiction movie, large, imposing, gray, they even had those weird yellow and black stripes across the split in the middle. The doors opened horizontally and I was half expecting white smoke to emanate from a darkened room, but it didn't. Instead the doors revealed a relatively normal looking chair in a room well lit by florescent lights. There was a small web cam in the ceiling and an intercom next to it. Besides the random wires were passing through from one wall to another the room was bare. All in all it didn't look like a messy mad scientists lair, more like a poorly put together entertainment system room. I took off the robe. Now naked there was nothing to stop the shivering. I walked slowly towards the chair and sat down. The doors closed and the web cam swiveled and stared at me. A voice came on through the intercom.

"All set?" It asked, like it mattered whether I was ready or not.

"Sure" I answered, I wasn't trying to be sarcastic it just came out that way.

A steady hum built up inside the room. At first I hardly noticed it but after a minute or so it was hard to ignore. Another minute and it had engulfed me. The sound had built up inside of me (or so it felt), it was in...my bones. My body felt oddly relaxed but my brain and ears felt like they were about to implode. I closed my eyes to try to get rid of odd sensations but all that did was make my head feel like it was swimming. I was lost in my mind, I tried to open my eyes but couldn't all I could do was listen to the sound. I was panicking looking for a way out but I couldn't find it.

Then... I was trapped in a pool of jello, at least that's what it felt like. I tried to get up but I couldn't, not till something began to push me out. A wave pushing me through the darkness, I figured it had to get me somewhere so I let them guide me. I can't breath, I panic and try to get out. I can't breath, I don't know where the wave is taking me and I don't care I can't breath! My head gets a gust of cold air, then my face. It feels like I'm emerging from a sleeping bag or a trash bag. A hard piece of I don't know  hits my tongue as I try to gasp for air, it suctions some spit from my mouth then leaves. Shit what was that! Where the hell am I? I try to open my eyes but I can't, not yet at least.

I try to finish crawling out of the bag but I'm too weak, too tired. Something grabs me from the shoulders. They feel like hands but the size of my back? They support my body as I finally get expelled from where I was. I piss myself it's all I can do at this point. I hear distorted loud voices then a sharp pain at my feet. I cry out sending a rush of oxygen to my lungs. The voices continue to talk as I get dried off, then wrapped in what feels like a warm blanket? I slowly open my eyes. The light is blinding but I slowly get used to it, the first thing I see are giants in wearing blue dresses. No not dresses, medical scrubs.

I try to talk but my tongue feels all wrong too small, too heavy. Words are impossible to form and all I can let out is a low cry. All of them are looking at me, staring at me. Did I just get shrunk? No the experiment wasn't for that...Then I see them two of the giants look like my father and my aunt? She looks younger than I remember and hell so does he. They're in scrubs and then I get handed to another giant a woman who looks like she just went through hell. My mother? She's also younger. Around her are various men and women in scrubs, some have blood on them others don't. Once again I try to ask what's going on but no words come out.  I guess the experiment was a success. I just don't think this is what they expected it to happen. I don't think I'll be checking in with my chain of command for a while though, then again maybe I won't all together. The fact that I know what happens tomorrow, well you know.

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